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Sike test network provides free psychological tests, through psychological, personality, love, marriage, workplace, wealth, interpersonal and other tests to take you on an interesting spiritual journey, help you interpret emotional passwords and easily understand yourself, so that you can read quickly and correctly understand the people and things around you. I hope to be a good guide for your career, a good counselor for your emotional life, and a good counselor for your healthy psychology and happy life.


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Test your lust index

People are not lustful, so what? How are you? I have seen a cross talk of deyun club before. Guo degang jokingly said: "the world is full of lecherous people". After saying this, yu qian asked, "then how do you know whether a person is lecherous

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Which kind of person will you fall in love with?

"where is my dream lover and what does he or she look like"? I believe this is a question that many people often think about. Any relationship that can last for a long time must be based on ordinary and comfortable. Indeed, each person is a unique

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What is your psychological weakness?

Psychologists believe that there are some weaknesses in life that make people vulnerable to external influences. Everyone has human psychological weaknesses. More or less, you will encounter several psychological weaknesses that you cannot control

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Test your love index

Fallin love is an intimate relationship that a person can establish independently, voluntarily and freely in the course of life. The meaning of falling in love is to let yourself and the person you love and love admire each other, care for each othe

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Test your talent points

Talent has a huge impact on a person's life. Generally speaking, talents include general abilities such as those in music, mathematics, or sports. Talent is transformed into skill through training and learning. You have musical talent, and your se

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What kind of sex and love do you need?

Sexual psychology researchers believe that "feeling desired is a woman's orgasm". While the sight of an attractive man might excite a woman, thinking about the man's reaction to her -- "i wonder if he thinks i'm sexy"? -- is like a bolt of lightnin

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What is your moral level?

In the field of psychometrics, a person's moral level is also an important dimension of psychological testing. The outstanding contribution in this regard is undoubtedly the american psychologist kohlberg and piaget (j. Piaget), who used a dilemma

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Test your personality traits

Personality is a person's relatively stable pattern of thoughts and emotions, a measurable trait, both internal and external. We call some of the characteristics that a person shows in different situations as personality traits, such as shyness, agg

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Have you tested all five mainstream personality assessment tools?


Character is an individual's internal behavioral tendency, which has the characteristics of uniqueness, integrity, structure, stability, etc. , and provides a unified internal explanation for each person's external behavior. Starting from hippocrat

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Hr commonly used professional personality test tool


## 心理学的性格与人格 从心理学的角度上讲,性格(character)全然不同于人格(Personality),心理学家对人格的心理学含义尽管存在众多不同的看法,但通常意义上是指一个人相对 稳定的心理特征和行为倾向。 我们日常交流中所谈论的性格的含义,实际上是指心理 学上的人格的概念,人格就是中国人通常所理解的性格。 正因为如此,有的研究者为了避免引力理解上的混乱,主张将心理学上的Personality 翻译成“性格”。所以,性格测试,即是人格测试,或称人格测量。 本文将对常用的职业性格

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